The Comics Coach provides creative and constructive comic book consultation at every level, for all types of creators: from the aspiring writer to the veteran storyteller.


Perhaps you want to write or draw comics, but don’t quite know how to start? Or you’re looking to improve that comic book pitch before submitting it to a publisher? Or maybe you have a completed comic that’s in need of fine-tuning? Whatever your needs, THE COMICS COACH can help you. From script editing to story consultation to portfolio review and everything in between, THE COMICS COACH is ready to constructively improve your creative endeavors and jumpstart your comics career.

Mike Marts is a seasoned insider with over 25 years’ experience in the comic book and entertainment business. Mike has edited some of the most critically-acclaimed and highest-selling series of the last two decades, and has spearheaded several of the industry's most popular and successful comic book franchises including Batman, X-Men and Guardians of the Galaxy.


Mike has worked with over a thousand creators and artists in his storied career, giving many of the industry’s top talent their first assignments. Throughout the years, Mike has honed his unique ability to recognize and develop burgeoning talent, shepherding many of them to great careers across the comic industry. Mike possesses the creative expertise of being able to recognize quality, marketable properties and assemble top-notch complementary creative teams.


Mike is the current Editor-in-Chief of AfterShock Comics, a company he helped launch in 2015 and in just two years was named Diamond Retailer’s 2017’s Small Publisher of the Year. Formerly, he spent a decade each at the two powerhouses of the industry, as Executive Editor at Marvel Comics and Group Editor at DC Comics.

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  • Synopsis Review

  • Pitch Review

  • Series Outline Review

  • Script Edit (Copy)

  • Script Edit (Story)

  • Finished Issue Editing (Copy)

  • Finished Issue Editing (Story)

  • Proofreading

  • Portfolio Review

  • Artist Selection

  • Budget Analysis

  • Deadlines / Production Schedule

  • File Transfer

  • Script/Lettering Balloon Placement

  • Lettering

  • Design Work

  • Pre-Press Compositing

  • Logo Services

  • Appointments Available



The basics of what to do after you’ve improved your work:

  • How to pitch

  • How to get your name out there

  • How to be a professional in this volatile biz

  • Social media presence

  • Pitfalls of the industry



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THE COMICS COACH will provide you with a detailed description of services available, specified to YOUR individual needs.



THE COMICS COACH is in no way affiliated with AfterShock Comics.

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Review of your work in no way guarantees a means of “breaking in” to the comics industry.

THE COMICS COACH keeps your work private, safe and secure. We do not share your materials with any outside entity.

Collaboration with THE COMICS COACH does not mean that you will be put in contact with other industry insiders.



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